Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Next time just one??

Once more my addiction to making multiples has gone out of control. Do you think I have Christmas covered??

These three are my latest Funky Junk Journals and feature in my latest You Tube video (there is a link at the end of this post)

All the Funky Junk Journals feature a fabric cover and over 100 pages of assorted paper. The paper includes scribble paper, art paper, kraft paper, recycled envelopes, lots of pockets and tucks.

pretty in peach

peachy keen prom dress journal

prairie blues baby journal

All journals include an assortment of tags, and paper ephemera. Extra sets of paper tags and ephemera are available with a journal purchase.

All of the above Fabric covered Funky Junk Journals are NZD$40 plus postage

Extra tags and ephemera add on kit NZD$5

UPDATE: I have one shabby white journal left and 2 packs of the tags from the last post. These are available at a 20% discount if purchased with one of the Funky Junk Journals.

Next up is my Folio Wrap - I love all the little pockets and the ability to tuck in different size books and tools.

If you would like a flick through the books visit my video link below

As always I love to hear from you and I am always happy to answer any questions if I can.

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xx Michelle 

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Something in the Store finally

I have been busy creating and have made a few more goodies than I can use.

If you are one of the people who is interested in purchasing from me, then it is good news day today. The first of my listings is available NOW!!!.

Details on how to order are listed at the end of this post.

Shabby White Album Kit

This Kit includes a ring binder that has been collaged with book pages and is 7 1/4 wide by 9 inches tall. The spine measures 1 inch wide. 
For full details on the contents in action please view the video at the following link. 

There are three of these kits available and they may vary slightly in size and pattern, but will have the contents shown above and in the video included.

NZD $42.50

I'm not old, I'm vintage...Embelllish me Kits

Sewn book pages tags                                            NZD$7.50

Coffee and Tea Dyed tags                                      NZD$6.00

Shabby White Album Extras Embellie Me               NZD$12.50

BINGO Vintage Mini Album

5 1/4 x 8 1/4 inches this gorgeous fun album is full of 50 pages. Included are pockets, tags, Kraft card and paper from various Marion Smith downloads. I love making these journals but have decided to let this one go to a new home as the shelf is full (and dipping dangerously in the middle!)



EDIT: All Sold - Many Thanks 

Purchasing and Shipping

Purchasing is really easy. Email me at with your order and I will send you a Paypal invoice for the total. Sales are on a first come basis. All the items are in limited supply, and are handmade by me. Once they are gone ....they really gone!

Shipping is of course dependent on location.
NZ - 7.50
Aussie - 12.50
USA - 22.50
UK 27.50
These rates are estimates in New Zealand dollars, if the postage required is lower than this amount I will refund the difference.

Any questions - I would love to hear them at

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xxx Michelle

Monday, 19 November 2012

Very soon now.....

I admit it. I have green eyes in real life, and recently I got green eyed with jealousy. My dear friend Ellen at got a new craft studio. It sounds (and Looks!) fabulous. I looked around my room and decided it needed a change, a rearrange and a Major tidy up. I pulled everything out, painted the furniture, created storage and then set about making order out of chaos. I quickly realized that I had a problem. I had too much stuff. What could I do? Throw it away?...are you crazy? Throw away perfectly good junk!! No I needed to share so instead of finishing off my room I finished some goodies off for my little shop.

I am nearly ready to load some funky junk journals, some mini books and a few extra embellies that I have make. Some final preparations are required and they will be loaded.

Would you like a sneak peek??

Some new funky junk journals, nearly ready for writing, drawing, doodling, making lists and having fun.

Some altered and antiqued goodies.

I have lots of lovely fun here. Coffee and tea dyed tags, tickets, dockets and cards. I love the patterns and the texture.

These will be available soon and I will make a video to show you all.

Thanks for visiting
xx Michelle

PS  I will finish my room one day!! 

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Never too old to learn!

I learnt a new trick today. Thanks to my darling daughter Aleisha (who did all the hard stuff!) I am now on Instagram under The Paper Addiction.

 I also managed to take some photos of my current projects.

Here are the sneak peeks

Denim Funky Junk Journal

Altered Mini Album and Pages

Lots to finish up, so I'll see you soon
xx Michelle

Friday, 9 November 2012

Another crazy idea

I haven't visited for a while.  I had a crazy idea and have been spending all my time trying to clear up the mess I made rearranging my favourite room.
The crazy idea started when my parents recently moved house. In our family when we are not using furniture, or it doesn't fit, or we are not sure if we want it anymore, we move it into the garage. When my parents moved they decided it was time to get rid of their wall unit. This bad boy had been sitting in the garages of their last two homes. I had to have it. My husband was horrified. But it is for my studio, it will look fabulous when I paint it etc etc. So into our garage it moved. I then decided that my craft room needed a major overhaul and it would become The Studio. Yes, it does have to be in capitals! So The Studio needed to be tidied, rearranged and everything within view would become a shade of white. My theory being that if it is all neutral then the clutter will gain importance and look much more arty! (Say it in a posh voice - Arty)
You can guess what happened next everything got pulled out cupboards, drawers, shelves,  junk , crap, rubbish, treasures... everything! Then I realized I needed to paint the furniture before I could reorganize anything.
Please note: I do not recommend this style of organizing - it is hazardous to your health and your marriage!

So the Big Ugly Brown Dresser as it was 

And now ....

I removed the upper cupboard doors and have distressed all the edges. Take care when 'borrowing'a tool from your husbands work bench, it seems they don't always love it when you use their stuff to scrape the paint off all the edges! Who knew??

I couldn't resist showing you one of my junk shop finds - I love this poofy chair!

I also decided to paint the Charity Shop drawers. 

I love both of these pieces. Wait till you see them in my room. I can't wait till it is tidy enough to show you.

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xx Michelle