Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sneak Preview

The photos show my current projects. This week is all about finishing!!

Vintage style Tags in progress


Mini Books for Xmas Pressies - Must finish by 24th of December!

It will be a busy week! Hope your week is full of fun and creativity!

Completed - One Down!

Well, I have completed one project. A set of gift tags for my Mum, as a Thank you for a big pile of Kraft window envelopes that she didn't need. Since I gave it to her, I have thought of three things I would like to add. I guess I will sneak it into her house next time I visit!

The photo shows the Pocket, the Tag and a book mark.

Hope you are having fun!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Day One - it begins

Hello there

My first blog! Nothing much to say yet.
I need to take a photo - uugh.
Find something interesting to say in my profile - Uh Oh and get started.
But first and most importantly look at this fabulous background. It is by Itkupilli and the link is up the top of the page on the left. Check it out...Itkupilli is a Star.

So my aim is to make something as utterly beautiful as this background and this is the beginning!