Thursday, 26 April 2012

Lucky day for Me!

Hi Everyone
Sorry I have been AWOL the last few weeks - I have started a new contract and have been busy working to pay for all the goodies I am currently lusting after!
I started a new project last Saturday thinking it would be a quick book to satisfy my creative cravings after no energy at night after work ... well, it is not quite finished. The cover is almost naked apart from the crackle paint but here is a sneak peek of the inside of an altered book I have been playing with.
It is a Junk Shop creation again, with the book, lace and a cut up net curtain used to decorate and some gorgeous downloaded images.

I even used some of my precious buttons!

I have been cursing the fact that I live in NZ and we (boo hoo) do not have the same goodies in our Junk/Charity shops as I see in the Haul vidoes from the States. I never never found a huge stash of lace, I did find a couple of metres once and snatched it all up. But today I have to take it all back. I love NZ, I love our Charity shops and I love my goodies I found today. I will try to use them and not store them safely for ever (very tempted!!)
Yes - after finding countless jigsaw puzzles I finally found some cool card games and I grabbed them, even though there was no one else in the store at the time.

I also love the old book full of black and white photos and some postcards and teeny little homemade paper envelopes.

I might not use them for a while, I might have to look at them and dream.

Hope you all had a lucky day
xxx Michelle

Friday, 6 April 2012

Happy Easter to you

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all having or about to have a Fabulous Easter.

After a week long struggle with uploading a video to YouTube, (which included a phonecall to the help desk to no avail) I decided to give it one more go .....and success!!! Included in the video are two of my projects from my Vintage Collection, the altered photo frame and the Altered Book.

Here it is!
I hope you like it - The picture frame may be the first edition of several more!

Wishing you an Easter full of Love and Chocolate
xxx Michelle

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Not another addiction!!

Yes it is Junk! Please note it is an interesting selection of old books, fringe, records, record holders (I thought useful for storing papers) sequin trim in lime green! and what looks like a very long leg for a Rag doll. All the trim and fringe came in a bag for 50cents so I didn't like to give them back the leg (?) and say I didn't want it - but what am I going to do with it - any suggestions welcome - there is a prize - Yes - you could win the leg!!!!

And just in case you thought I loved old records to listen to - No ... I do not have a record player ... just a cunning plan.

My son bought these little beauties from
They are drinks coasters and he thought the matching Placemats would be cool. I thought - Junk Shop!!

What do you think - $2 for a stack of old records - the chips and scratches did not cost extra! I get to keep the cool graphics from the covers (I know I can think of something Fab to do with them... Junk journal??) and he gets cool placemats that are a bargain - I did offer to sell them to him for the same price as the styly (I know it is not a word but it seemed to fit) rubber ones - he declined!! He prefers the Mum price - Free!!

Also good news for me this week - I finished three mini books and they are already sold. Photos of the finished books will be up next week.
On the continuing saga of my video uploads or lackof - it is a problem with my new bloggie clashing with my Windows software (apparently) - guess what my hubby will be doing this weekend.
Hope to be back on track with a new video anyday now!!!

Thanks for visiting
xxx Michelle

Monday, 2 April 2012

Great Plans

I had great plans over the weekend after a terrible week, I planned to shock my youtube subscribers by catching up on all my videos. One a day for three days - great plan - the first one went so well - uploaded without a problem but I have spent the rest of the weekend trying and failing to upload the second vid.
My fabulous birthday present of an idiot proof camera - the bloggie - which in theory is supposed to be for idiots like me - is not working - I am going to ruin some poor techies day by ringing them!!! No email - I want to speak to someone!!! Whoever answers that call is going to wish they didn't after they try to explain what - An unexpected error is - It is not unexpected to me - I have seen this message many times and I have only had the camera less than 1 month!!
I did manage to upload the vid of my Altered Letter Stand - I love this and have been trawling the junk shops in the hope of finding more. I think I cleared out all of the good stuff in the last creative burst! But the fun and frustration of junk shops is you never know when or where you will find something  fabulous!

Here is the link to my Letter Stand

I hope you enjoy it and I hope your computer is your friend today.
Thanks for visiting
xx Michelle