Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sometimes things appear when you need them!!

Today the stars aligned and I found just what I didn't know I was looking for.

An article that makes me feel better about my guilt of my TO DO List


And another one that reminds me how much we all struggle with the same things

19 calendar

Resisting the urge to hide, quit and.or scream

Love this article about The Voice - do you have one? I do - I have a big ugly brute that sits on my shoulder and has way to much power. 

The Voice.

Cecile Summers comments really made me think. Check out the comments -She says ... That same voice pushes you in new directions and comes up with good, and crazy and fabulous ideas  (like the time I put the whole ugly book I made in a bucket of tea dye and then threw it in the oven and now I love it!!)

I found all of these sites and more at 

daisy yellow

I found lots of interesting and fascinating blogs to visit and that may have have distracted me from my own blog and my to do list that has 14 projects to share, two commissioned books to finish, 16 videos to make and 73,000 unfinished projects. Not to mention housework, making money and oh no I will not mention any more!!

This week will be the turn around I swear - my new plan which replaces several other unsuccessful plans is to complete one task every second day at least!! That way I still have a day to get distracted and make 32 atc's like I did yesterday. OOps - I will start on Monday!!

Thanks for visiting and please leave a comment if you have any ideas on how to complete brilliant plans!
xx Michelle