Friday, 11 October 2013

Creative Chemistry 102 - Day Four

Today was not a good day to play with alcohol inks. I did remember to open the door in my room and get some fresh air in, but if I don't make sense today .... it is probably because it was too late!!

The lessons in class today are on alcohol inks. I am guilty of seriously under using these products. I do not have a lot of colours, just gold, espresso, rust and black. That might explain yet again why I have created a tonal piece. I did not have any glossy cardstock to hand so instead I grabbed a metal tape card and used the inks for colour and depth. It may not quite fit in with the class but Tim is all about taking the techniques and tools and making them your own and so I did.

 I started with this ....

and ended up with this

Time for some fresh air!

Have fun 
xx Michelle

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Creativity Chemistry 102 - Day 3

The fantastic thing about and online class is it is ready when you are .... you can never be late! Love that.

Tonight I only had time to watch the videos and play with a couple of tags. I do not have a few of the distress products used in today's class but now that I have seen the distress glitter in action I neeeed some!!

I loved the technique used on the right so much I tried it out on the ribbon - do you like the effect? I am sworn to secrecy on how it is done!! (by Mr Tim Holtz, of course)

The technique of the left is done with distress stain and although I have the vintage browns covered I do not have any other colours. I thought it could be tooo boring , but I am thrilled with how it turned out.

Lots of fun and more tomorrow ... Hope you are having a good week
xx Michelle 

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Creative Chemistry 102 - Day 2

Today was a bad day .... I fell totally in lust with the new layered stencils from Tim Holtz.


I feel the need to shop!!

I made do with my own assorted stencils and played with the techniques we learnt in class. 


and then I dragged out my Tim Holtz stamps and went to town ...

I had to stop after I made the above tags, my desk has shrunk, my hands are black and there is craft stuff all over the floor from when I ran out of room on my desk ... I think I need to clean up before class tomorrow!

If you are interested the class is at online card classes.
The class is on now and a new days videos is loaded every day this week but you can take the class at any time and revisit the videos at your own convenience. I love that it is on call whenever I want to check in. 

Have fun 
xx Michelle 

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 102 - Day 1

I am busy playing and making a mess today. I joined in the Creative Chemistry class at online card classes. Last year I did the 101 and graduated so now I can join in the next class.
The class is a technique based class and we make lots of tags of the different techniques we learn with all the various Tim and Ranger products. I have a few of most of the products needed, including 1 distress marker in vintage photo. When the markers were released the budget did not stretch far enough so I purchased one to try it out - it is very cool but the lottery tickets have not been very kind so it remains a loner with no friends!!
I managed to make a big fat mess and have a few photos of my creations with my favourite at the end.

I splashed out on the Distress paints and love them. As always I had to have the browns and metallics but now the rest of the colour range is calling my name .... 

Yes - this is what happens when you spill distress paint. The good news is the colour is gorgeous and I have lots of backgrounds ready to go!

Looking forward to tomorrow's class!

Thanks for visiting
xx Michelle