Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Days of Summer fly by

The days of summer here are flying by. While tales of snow and flood reach us down here in New Zealand, we have days of hot summer sun interspersed with grey days with rain tossed in to keep everything green. 

In the weeks since I last visited I have

 from South Seas Film school

went on a road trip at Christmas and missed all the holiday traffic!!

Had a blast in Auckland.

Spent Christmas with family at a farmstay cottage here. We had no internet access and I will admit I did switch off completely. We relaxed, read books, played games and watched movies.

I learned how to make these paper dresses and shared them on my favorite addiction at the moment .... Instagram. I am here

Worked in my vintage collage journal.

Got very messy with some faux metal techniques for some new books I am making.

and finally .... decided this was the year that I will get over my phobia about being in front of the camera instead of behind it.

Hello this is me - I hope you are having a fabulous 2014.

Thanks for visiting 
xx Michelle