Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Why is my desk turning brown?

I saw a blog recently that is for WOYWW - Whats on your workdesk Wednesday - or something like that. I have to admit that the use of acronyms and initialism (did you know that is another word for it?? - true - I got it from Wikipedia!) is sometimes a bit difficult if you don't know what the letters stand for. I love the episode of Modern Family where Phil tells us he is cool because he knows text language such as WTF - why the face? Love it.
So I decided to show you what is on my desk today, probably not going to happen every Wednesday - more likely every now and then when I can find my desk!

So the big question is ...... Why is everything brown? and will I ever figure out the perfect way to rust?

When I know the answer I will let you know.

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xxx Michelle 

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