Friday, 31 August 2012

I got distracted

I had every intention of showing you my goodies from my junking journey last week - truly!

But today the sun was shining and tomorrow is the first day of Spring here in New Zealand and I thought I would pop outside for an hour and deal with a couple of weeds. The winter here has been bliss for the weeds, they are triffid like in some areas. Many hours later I can stand up straight ....just.

So instead of showing you my craft goodies and my paper creations I will show you parts of my other creation.

My Garden.


I love it when the spring bulbs appear and I don't remember planting them! 

Plenty of colour in the garden with camelias and ...

Hellebore's - I love them. I had to hold their heads up to see their faces but they are massed in flower.

I haven't weeded it yet but I love this little secret corner of the garden. In summer it will be the coolest spot around.

And so I don't neglect paper completely a couple of goodies from my junk shopping.

Have fun and thanks for visiting 
xx Michelle


  1. Your garden looks so inviting. Wouldn't it be lovely if I could hop on over and the two of us could sit on the bench and have a nice chat? Big HUGS!!!!

  2. Wonderful garden Michelle thanks for sharing it with us! I too love Hellebore's and we have lots in our garden.
    Looking forward to hearing all about the other goodies you picked up on your trip!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    hugs Alyson x

  3. Aaahhh....hellebores, one of my very favourite flowers but sadly it isn't the conditions for them to grow where I live. Lovely garden pics Michelle. TFS