Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Packing my bags

Tomorrow is my hubbies birthday. We are going to celebrate it on the road with a four day road trip to friends. It will take us two days to get there and five hours to get back. Why?? - that is the good part - we are going to stop at every junk shop we find on the way!! On the way back we will just drive straight home - boring - but probably necessary -  I will be broke by then!!
I made a junky travel journal for the trip. You will laugh when you see it. It is so fat it would work for a month long holiday! I cant help myself I have to make them fat.



I will show you the (hopefully) completed version next week!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend

Thanks for visiting
xx Michelle 

P.S. I forgot to show you one of my current projects yesterday, here is a sneak peek at a Marion Smith digital download deconstructed.


  1. Flowers and ribbon must mean that bling can't be far behind. Can't wait to see the journal once it's filled with goodies from your trip. HUGS

  2. Have a wonderful trip Michelle! Can't wait to see what "goodies" you return with!
    hugs Alyson x
    PS Happy Birthday to Hubby!