Thursday, 21 March 2013

Tattered Floral Challenge

Well, how could I resist? I love my tattered floral die. I have used it to make stamps, stencils, masks,and many styles of flowers. I may or may not have made 18 other flowers before I decided on the above creations. For the last week two things have been on my mind. One, the tattered floral challenge and the Saturday celebration of this lovely young couple of their Golden Wedding Anniversary on Saturday the 23rd of March.

When the two thoughts collided, The tattered floral challenge went golden. Soft old gold of book pages. I decided to create some decorations for the wedding celebration. Topiary centrepieces for the tables

A button hole for the bridal party

A corsage for a lady guest

And a bouquet for the Bride

As I said I may have created a few extra flowers, so there may be a part two when the competition is over!

Thanks for visiting and Thanks to Tim for such a lovely challenge and so much fun with one of my favourite dies!

xx Michelle 


  1. What are you going to make when you win the TH goodies? Fabulous creation and I am certain your parents will love your celebration flowers!

  2. WOW!!!! these are just stunning Michelle, it was lovely to meet you today, and I'm going to explore your blog now, Debi x