Saturday, 16 March 2013

Friday Favourites - right this minute!

I have been challenged by my dear friend to get back to my blog. I did not forget about you. I have written some amazing blogposts in my head. Only problem is they never left my head to get on the paper so now they are lost or have fallen out!
I am working on a stack of journals right this minute. They are lined up in a row on the window sill drying. There might be a spare 5 or so for sale. It depends on how many more I can fit on the bookshelf without it breaking!!

So, favourites right this minute.

Love this TV series and Hello Kevin!!

Vintage Photo Distress Stain

Using it right now on my vintage journal

I cannot defend this at all.

*Tim Holtz Idea-ology MELANGE Tissue Wrap Paper TH93042

Tim Holtz Tissue Paper is Fabulous - I got it for Christmas and it is fabulous on the cover of my vintage journal.

8in x 10in Gel Printing Plate

Yes, it is true I have fallen for it. I am in love. So much fun with cheap paint, paper and the gelli plate. More to come on this.

Learn to link pictures on the blog. I think I have finally found a class to teach me. I am hoping the tutor is excessively patient!!

Couldn't resist - here they are ...

Not quite finished - more photos to come in the next few days.

Thanks for visiting 
xx Michelle 


  1. The Blog and your friends missed you. But, considering how much you have been able to accomplish - Journals look FABULOUS - we'll forgive you :-) Big Hugs - EllenBee

  2. Had fun seeing your altered books today on You Tube. I make them too but I rarely look at any instructions because I tend to overthink them then. LOL I will have to watch that show called the THE FOLLOWING...looks scary though from the commercials!
    Thanks for sharing all the things you use...have never heard of a "gelli plate." Will have to investigate that one! :)