Monday, 19 November 2012

Very soon now.....

I admit it. I have green eyes in real life, and recently I got green eyed with jealousy. My dear friend Ellen at got a new craft studio. It sounds (and Looks!) fabulous. I looked around my room and decided it needed a change, a rearrange and a Major tidy up. I pulled everything out, painted the furniture, created storage and then set about making order out of chaos. I quickly realized that I had a problem. I had too much stuff. What could I do? Throw it away?...are you crazy? Throw away perfectly good junk!! No I needed to share so instead of finishing off my room I finished some goodies off for my little shop.

I am nearly ready to load some funky junk journals, some mini books and a few extra embellies that I have make. Some final preparations are required and they will be loaded.

Would you like a sneak peek??

Some new funky junk journals, nearly ready for writing, drawing, doodling, making lists and having fun.

Some altered and antiqued goodies.

I have lots of lovely fun here. Coffee and tea dyed tags, tickets, dockets and cards. I love the patterns and the texture.

These will be available soon and I will make a video to show you all.

Thanks for visiting
xx Michelle

PS  I will finish my room one day!! 

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  1. And I have green-eyed jealousy over your talent! Everything looks fabulous and I am certain that your studio will also. Big Hugs!!