Friday, 9 November 2012

Another crazy idea

I haven't visited for a while.  I had a crazy idea and have been spending all my time trying to clear up the mess I made rearranging my favourite room.
The crazy idea started when my parents recently moved house. In our family when we are not using furniture, or it doesn't fit, or we are not sure if we want it anymore, we move it into the garage. When my parents moved they decided it was time to get rid of their wall unit. This bad boy had been sitting in the garages of their last two homes. I had to have it. My husband was horrified. But it is for my studio, it will look fabulous when I paint it etc etc. So into our garage it moved. I then decided that my craft room needed a major overhaul and it would become The Studio. Yes, it does have to be in capitals! So The Studio needed to be tidied, rearranged and everything within view would become a shade of white. My theory being that if it is all neutral then the clutter will gain importance and look much more arty! (Say it in a posh voice - Arty)
You can guess what happened next everything got pulled out cupboards, drawers, shelves,  junk , crap, rubbish, treasures... everything! Then I realized I needed to paint the furniture before I could reorganize anything.
Please note: I do not recommend this style of organizing - it is hazardous to your health and your marriage!

So the Big Ugly Brown Dresser as it was 

And now ....

I removed the upper cupboard doors and have distressed all the edges. Take care when 'borrowing'a tool from your husbands work bench, it seems they don't always love it when you use their stuff to scrape the paint off all the edges! Who knew??

I couldn't resist showing you one of my junk shop finds - I love this poofy chair!

I also decided to paint the Charity Shop drawers. 

I love both of these pieces. Wait till you see them in my room. I can't wait till it is tidy enough to show you.

Thanks for visiting
xx Michelle 

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  1. I love when I am first to comment. You did an awesome job on the furniture and I know your Studio (note the capital S) will be a wonderful place for you to create your fabulous projects. HUGS