Thursday, 5 April 2012

Not another addiction!!

Yes it is Junk! Please note it is an interesting selection of old books, fringe, records, record holders (I thought useful for storing papers) sequin trim in lime green! and what looks like a very long leg for a Rag doll. All the trim and fringe came in a bag for 50cents so I didn't like to give them back the leg (?) and say I didn't want it - but what am I going to do with it - any suggestions welcome - there is a prize - Yes - you could win the leg!!!!

And just in case you thought I loved old records to listen to - No ... I do not have a record player ... just a cunning plan.

My son bought these little beauties from
They are drinks coasters and he thought the matching Placemats would be cool. I thought - Junk Shop!!

What do you think - $2 for a stack of old records - the chips and scratches did not cost extra! I get to keep the cool graphics from the covers (I know I can think of something Fab to do with them... Junk journal??) and he gets cool placemats that are a bargain - I did offer to sell them to him for the same price as the styly (I know it is not a word but it seemed to fit) rubber ones - he declined!! He prefers the Mum price - Free!!

Also good news for me this week - I finished three mini books and they are already sold. Photos of the finished books will be up next week.
On the continuing saga of my video uploads or lackof - it is a problem with my new bloggie clashing with my Windows software (apparently) - guess what my hubby will be doing this weekend.
Hope to be back on track with a new video anyday now!!!

Thanks for visiting
xxx Michelle


  1. Thanks for the laugh! And also thanks for the offer to enter your leg contest. I will sadly have to decline because I have no need for another leg. Two are enough!

  2. LOL, you are funny as well as being very talented Michelle!! As for the 'leg', maybe a draught stopper for your door. I think that maybe what it was designed for do you reckon??