Monday, 2 April 2012

Great Plans

I had great plans over the weekend after a terrible week, I planned to shock my youtube subscribers by catching up on all my videos. One a day for three days - great plan - the first one went so well - uploaded without a problem but I have spent the rest of the weekend trying and failing to upload the second vid.
My fabulous birthday present of an idiot proof camera - the bloggie - which in theory is supposed to be for idiots like me - is not working - I am going to ruin some poor techies day by ringing them!!! No email - I want to speak to someone!!! Whoever answers that call is going to wish they didn't after they try to explain what - An unexpected error is - It is not unexpected to me - I have seen this message many times and I have only had the camera less than 1 month!!
I did manage to upload the vid of my Altered Letter Stand - I love this and have been trawling the junk shops in the hope of finding more. I think I cleared out all of the good stuff in the last creative burst! But the fun and frustration of junk shops is you never know when or where you will find something  fabulous!

Here is the link to my Letter Stand

I hope you enjoy it and I hope your computer is your friend today.
Thanks for visiting
xx Michelle

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  1. So sorry about your problems. But, your videos are worth waiting for. BTW love the ring :-) Bet you didn't find that in a thrift shop! I was thinking of asking the husband for a video camera for my anniversary present but am now having second thoughts. Sending lots of {{}} ellenbee