Friday, 17 February 2012

Marion Smith Hybrid Journey Journal - Blue 21st Present

Hi Everyone
I have been busy playing with the fabulous downloadable kit from Marion Smith.
This is the link to view the kits available from Marion
I have made several of these in different sizes, and with different colours and themes. This book I printed on A3 size paper which gave me a book of 81/4" by 51/4". It is a great size and fabulous for a smash book style journal. A Smash book is a great way to keep and remember all the bits of emphemera that we collect in our daily lives, movie tickets, beautiful packaging, or packaging from a favourite store, little notes from people we love, all those 'treasures' that we can't quite throw away but don't know what to do with.
This journal was made as a 21st present. I included tags with ideas of things to remember from a special party - the food, the people, the decorations. You could have guests sign it autograph style or add quotes of things people said. It is a great place to keep all the memories together.
I created a box to match and in my excitement I didn't take one photograph!! I can't believe it, but I did remember to video it and you can view that here

I have created another couple of these books as presents and will upload the photos in the next couple of days. I must remember to take photos before I give them away!
This book was so well received that I have orders to fill - that will keep me busy!

I will be adding a seperate blog for the links of all the fabulous places I visit for free graphic images. Some of those images are included in this and my next few journals.

Wishing you all a fabulous day

xxx Michelle

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  1. Just beautiful and I so enjoy listening to you talk. I don't have a good printer so can't do the download but if I did...