Saturday, 25 February 2012

Graphic 45 Design Team 2012 Audition

Hi Everyone
It has been a crazy week in my house since I decided to try out for the G45 design team. Not only did I decide to try out - I thought (why??) that I would create all new projects with the items already in my stash!
I love repurposing items and I had some goodies from my local charity shops.

My vintage inspired collection.

This was a wooden cutlery drawer - love it as wall art!

The plastic cotton reels were inked to look old and covered in G45 paper.

Another charity shop find - a photo frame restyled.

I created the flowers on all the projects from G45 papers and Kraft paper.

A restyled letter rack - love my charity shop!

Mini books featuring the tags from the Transatlantique collections and the G45 sticker sheet.

Notebooks altered with the Curtain Call collection and more fabulous stickers.

Tag Book created with recylced card and black and creme papers from various collections.

Everyone needs a secret drawer!

I love the little secret inside the love letters - it is tiny. Approx 1" x 3"

My new Paper bag mini - vintage inspired on the outside.....

Full of fabulous graphics and colour on the inside!

I created this tag tree fom a coffee mug tree. Love this idea and I am hunting for more of them. Wouldn't this look great decorated for the various seasons - and if you find them at your local charity shop it is great for the budget too!

I love TPR mini books - I created this with 1 sheet of G45 stickers, 1 pack of G45 chipboard buttons, and 1 pack of G45 chipboard flowers.

My first altered book - fabulous to make. Vintage style on the outside...
And the gorgeous steampunk debutante on the inside.

I hinged all the doors and added lots of hidden pockets and movement.

Door after door!

Love all the movement on this page - flick to the next photo to see it swing!

Gotta love a leg with a kick to it!

See through window

I loved making these projects. I have used many different paper lines from Graphic 45 with vintage treasures from my family. They will be enjoyed in my home for a long time to come.

Thank you for looking and Thank you to Graphic 45 for the inspiration to create these treasures.

I hope you like them  - I do!!

xxx Michelle


  1. Taking a break from a very stressful day and decided to check up on you. What a treat for some very tired eyes! I get to see all the fabulous crafts you made. OMG! Girlfirend, you did an extraordinary job and you should be so proud of yourself. Beautiful, fun, fabulous and wonderful. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you.

  2. Cannot see why you would not be picked Michelle, you said you thought you may be to early in the piece to do this but you have such amazing talent.. You have done a wonderful job with not only the papers but the finding you have found from charity shops..
    Good luck with it and let me know how you get on..
    Would love to meet one day

  3. Michelle! These are FANTASTIC! I am awarding you the Liebster Blog award! Please hop over to my Blog and pick it up and please play it forward! Let's smaller Blogs have some award fun and giggles! Keep up the good are GOOD! Hugs, Kit

  4. PS...I am drooling over your creations! I pick YOU! Hugs.....

  5. PSS...our youngest daughter lives in Australia!