Friday, 11 October 2013

Creative Chemistry 102 - Day Four

Today was not a good day to play with alcohol inks. I did remember to open the door in my room and get some fresh air in, but if I don't make sense today .... it is probably because it was too late!!

The lessons in class today are on alcohol inks. I am guilty of seriously under using these products. I do not have a lot of colours, just gold, espresso, rust and black. That might explain yet again why I have created a tonal piece. I did not have any glossy cardstock to hand so instead I grabbed a metal tape card and used the inks for colour and depth. It may not quite fit in with the class but Tim is all about taking the techniques and tools and making them your own and so I did.

 I started with this ....

and ended up with this

Time for some fresh air!

Have fun 
xx Michelle