Thursday, 8 August 2013

Oops it's August

The month of August has started off with a bang. Major rearrangements going on in my house. My studio no longer looks like it did here. It is now in a different room and it looks like a major explosion has taken  place.

Lots of organizing and to be honest.... hunting, hunting for glue, for paper, for my heat gun. How could I lose so much stuff going from one space to another?? I know nothing has left the house. I know it is some where in the room and that makes it soooo much worse!!

I need to go shopping - I have decided that the following are the answer to my problems

ikea raskog trolley - definitely in this colour and maybe two of them?!

ikea alex unit - fits A2 paper - oh joy!!

ikea helmar drawers - yummy - fabulous for stamp storage but then I would need to buy more stamps!

I have a vision of a central island made up of the alex and the helmar drawers with a easy care table on top. Now all I need is to convince the hubby and I am away laughing!! I am sure my room would be tidy if I had the right storage!! Wouldn't it??

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xx Michelle 

P.S. For my kiwi readers - I found the above goodies on trade me as we do not have an Ikea store in New Zealand. 

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  1. would love the green trolley, with one of those even i might keep my scrapbooking area tidy ish. creativity and tidyness dont seem to go together in my house.