Wednesday, 16 January 2013

How can I be behind already??

Happy New Year to you and yours.
I cannot believe that it is already the 16th of January. It is probably because I am already behind and I am in a state of anxiety and dread. This month is not one I have been looking forward too. My lovely son has just celebrated his 21st birthday and last weekend we partied. I am thrilled to have a gorgeous and fabulous young man as my son, but I wish it had taken him a bit longer to get to be grown up!! The second part of the dread is that in two weeks we will be helping him move 9 hours away to Film School for the year. Any Mother who has reached the dreaded empty nest will know exactly what it is like. Yes tissues are needed.
As a distraction I needed a guest book for my son and another one for his girlfriend and I realised that I had not shared a few photos here of things that are currently in production. This time the blog comes first. I have not yet videoed these projects.
Let the photos commence....

Ethan's 21st Birthday guest book

Good old cereal boxes provided the base and then I created a mosaic of texture with metal tape from the hardware store and Tim Holtz texture folders.

I created a fabric covered art journal.
The inside is filled with tea stained papers. The details don't really show here but this is deliciously tactile.

Pink and Brown Journal with My Minds Eye papers - Cover

Pink and Brown Journal with My Minds Eye papers - Inside is nearly finished

On YouTube tripledogdareu is having a challenge. This is where I am so far - lots of paper flowers

This is the link if you would like to join in the fun.

Today I am working on this guest book for a party girl this weekend. It is another 21st and the lovely lady wants grunge with favourite colours of red and green.

cover - doesn't look very good

Starting to look better with distress stains and glimmer mist

tea dyed papers, lots of distress ink and some home made envelopes - Hoping this will equal a gorgeous book by Friday!!

I will hopefully be able to post some completed photos and videos soon. In the meantime I hope everyone has a fabulous January, here in NZ we are in the middle of summer. I hope you are enjoying whatever season of the year you are in!! 

Thanks for visiting 
xx Michelle 


  1. Happy New Year Michelle!
    Well you have been busy as usual! What gorgeous journals and guest books!
    Happy birthday to your son. I know how you feel about your son moving out mine is only an hour away but I miss him terribly! You will be surprised however how quickly the year will go!
    Thinking of you!
    Take care hugs Alyson x

    1. Thanks Aly. Hope you are well and enjoying the new year Many Thanks xx Michelle

  2. Love all your new work. The Tussies are smashing and those flowers add just the right touch of class! Looking forward to seeing Ethan's book in a video. Big hugs! EllenBee

    1. Delay on the video due to a lazy tart that hasn't made it yet. I will give her a shove and tell her to get crackin!! xx Michelle

  3. Is that film school in christchurch as thats where i live. if you have time I will make the time to meet up.Both my girls have left home it took a bit of getting used to but 4yrs later and i love my own space.And i get to spread my creativity across the house without anyone moaning.
    love your latest work.
    Totallyunfettered/ Maureen

    1. Hi Maureen. Unfortunately we are headed in the other direction - Auckland. Hubby and I are hoping for a trip to the South Island again, so I will definitely be in touch then.
      Many Thanks