Saturday, 22 September 2012


Interested in purchasing any of the goods seen on The Paper Addiction's blog or YouTube?

Well now you can!

Simply leave your contact details in a comment below and I'll get to your order request as soon as I can,
whether it's a custom design or a featured product.


  1. Woo hoo!! You have a shop now. Great stuff Michelle. You are super talented and good luck :))
    Your friend

  2. Cool beans, Michelle! Just let me know when or if you have a Coptic-stitched, mini-album with scrap/recycled/upcycled papers and I will be in the market for buying it.

    I can't resist such little journals; I use them for art journaling, keeping track of daily medications, keeping lists of usernames & passwords, etc. etc. Basically everything I need to keep track of but don't want to toss at the end of the day.

    I guess I could use them for Slam, oh 'scuse me, Smash books too but I'm used to making my own for those.

    Anyway, if you get the idea... just let me know.

    PS: I usually find & appreciate scrapbook/design papers in these mini-albums which I buy and wouldn't be sad if there were some Marion Smith downloadables there too...

    XOXO, happy creating, Margaret

  3. PPS: While I'm at it I might as well ask... I watched your YouTube video showing the 3 little albums you made using Marion Smith's "Cottage Chic" line. But I kept getting an error meaasage when I asked you my question, which is, what is the dark brown suede-like material you used for the spine and the front and back covers of the albums? (Besides the printed front and back covers and liners, I mean.)

    I thought perhaps it was grunge board treated with something but I have tried staining and then sanding grunge sheets and it didn't look like that at all. So why not just ask what you did? It looks so much like a soft leather!

    XOXO... Hugs & happy creating from one of you newest but biggest fans! Margaret. (Planning to say "Ah yes, I knew her when...")

  4. From Sweden on the northern hemisphere, have you still got any of the kits you showed on Youtube, well here is deep winter and they shouult fit perfectlyin my stash for snowy and wintery homemade journals. Let me know =) hope you get my e-mail attached.

  5. hi MIchelle, love your journals! I would certainly love to buy if you next make a Marion Smith cottage chic/journey book/romance the ones you showed on youtube. Not the big size, but the same size as Marion does...thank you!

  6. Hi Michelle! ♥love your journals and your videos...they are so informative and inspiriational! Really loved your vintage 8x8 journal book. i have a couple of Marion smiths books that i have started but not finished, because I find another one to start, like you I can't stop starting something new! back to the vintage 8x8 journal with Paris on the cover, if that's for sale, i'm interested! love your videos and your creativity!

  7. Hello Michelle, I am possibly interested in purchasing the Vintage Tabby Journal. I certainly would like more details about how to.

  8. Hey Michelle,

    Your work is gorgeous and has inspired my journals so much ! I live in England and would absolutely love one of your journals, I'm a 19 year old amateur and stumbled across mini albums/junk albums a few months ago and am completely hooked. I understand that your probably inundated with requests ect but if you were interested in a swap or would sell me one my email is -

    Many thanks,

    Eloise :)

  9. What journal style can I purchase