Sunday, 27 May 2012

More Fabulous Freebie Sites

Hi everyone
You probably know by now that I love images, I have posted my favourite sites here before. I now have a few more to add. These are the places I go to find images for my altered books.
Shabby Vintage Ladies Altered Book

Hope you enjoy looking at these fabulous sites.

Have fun playing!
xx Michelle

P.S. If you notice a change in the look of my blog that is because of one of my major failings - patience. I was showing my son the changes to the blog home page and showed him what I wanted - when I pushed a button ... he yelled Nooooo...but it was too late. I had changed it to this format - How - Why - What???? Now I have to figure out how to get my background might take a while. Lesson learnt.
I hope you have better luck with technology than I do!!


  1. I did the same and deleted the posts and comments from 4 of my posts. Where is the video of this gorgeous album? Need to see it girlfriend!

  2. Really pretty altered book! The tassel trim is gorgeous!

  3. The book is delicious. A beautiful read - HUGS EllenBee

  4. Ooh, ooh, pleease post a video or at least some inside pictures! You posted this way back on my birthday so it could be a belated present. XOXO... & happy creating!

    1. Hi Margaret I have a video of this book loaded on my youtube channel The Paper Addiction, the link is
      I hope you enjoy it!!

  5. Thanks so much Michelle, I certainly did enjoy it! I am stunned at the luxury of that upholstery trim -- seems like it will go a long way but it's so hard to believe you can just pick up something like that in a store ... obviously I need to get out more. Well, I do, because I have a lot of pain from an old injury, long boring story, but for instance I didn't even know you could buy stretchy lacy things. Or hat elastic. I've picked up all kinds of ideas for easy bookbinding from watching yours and Jennibellie's videos. Thanks again -- XOXO... Hugs and happy creating!