Friday, 27 January 2012

I Love Graphic 45

Can you guess why??
I have been stalking the graphic 45 blog every day to see all the new and exciting products that I will soon be justifying! Yes I know I already have paper, and I have trinkets ....but not these new ones - I have to have them! My wish list is now ridiculously long but there is something that won't be on my wish list, because I won - yes - I did - I won one of four daily prizes! I screamed so loud my family thought I had seen a mouse! (Yes - it is a ridiculous thing to be terrified of.... but I am.)
Here is the link to todays post just in case you missed it.
Thank you Graphic 45 - I can't wait to get my goodies!

I have had a fabulous busy week and I have 3 projects nearly ready to show you - Hopefully tomorrow.

Wishing you are all having a fabulous day.
xx Michelle


  1. Michelle, Congrats! you lucky girl! uummm G45.
    You'll have to show us what you get form them.

  2. Because you have been so nice to me and my blog :-) I would love to put together a box of things from mike's that you can't get in NZ. Blasa boxes - yes but what else???